Factory Introduction

Alucolink is a leader in the field of domestic and international wall decoration materials integrating production, trade and service . With development of 20 years , we built a new factory (over 150,000 square meters)in 2018 and become the TOP3 of aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China. Welcome to visit.

Equipment & Production Lines

There are 20 production lines include automatic aluminum-plastic compositing lines and color coating lines, also several numerical control aluminum solid panel process equipment imported from Canada,and it is tested and controlled by the world-class level Japanese "Lan’s" X Y full range light speed testing facility. Furthermore, Alucolink established the modern lab with entire functions and advanced testing facilities.

Major Products

aluminum-plastic composite panels, colored aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant aluminum composite panels, aluminum-plastic panels for advertising printing, fluorocarbon aluminum veneers, aluminum. Honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, metal veneer insulation panels and other products.


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