Nano PVDF aluminum composite board (ACP) is coated with a nano layer on the surface of the PVDF layer

When greasy dust adheres to the surface, the dirt will not penetrate.

As a result, the stain is easily washed by rain. This feature of the nano PVDF aluminum composite panel eliminates the need to clean the panel regularly, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Unique features of nano PVDF ACP:
The self-cleaning protective layer is coated on the surface of the PVDF coating. It can isolate dust and decompose organic pollutants. This is why many people call it "self-cleaning ACP".

Nano PVDF ACP panel size:
1) Available thickness: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm
2) Available width: 1000-2000mm; preferred 1220mm, 1250mm and 1500mm
3) Length: the maximum is not more than 5800mm; the most popular are 2440mm, 2500mm, 3050mm and 4050mm
4) Thickness of aluminum plate: 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm
5) Provide customized size

"Nano PVDF Panel" and "Traditional PVDF Panel":
Nano PVDF coated panels inherit all the functions of traditional PVDF panels, including anti-pollution, burn resistance and firmness. Moreover, nano-tech also has a self-cleaning function and is resistant to acids and alkalis. Therefore, compared with traditional PVDF panels, nano-aluminum composite panels have better self-cleaning function and longer service life.

Traditional PVDF panel:
Generally, if ordinary aluminum composite panels are used for exterior walls after a service life of 6 months, the surface will be more or less contaminated by the permanent effects of dust or rain on the surface. In particular, if a low-quality silicone sealant is used between the panel joints, it may cause annoying black marks due to the effects of pollution and rain. This may be difficult to clean and will affect the overall appearance of the panel.

Nano PVDF panel:

In contrast, the nano acp panel solves the above-mentioned pollution problem. The coating tension of the nano panel is low, which makes it difficult for dust or pollution to adhere to its surface, and rain is its self-cleaning feature. Therefore, nano-PVDF aluminum composite acp panel can save you cleaning costs. Another example of the effective cleaning performance of a nano PVDF panel is its ability to wipe off ink marks (if any).