Teach you how to install some unpopular aluminum veneer curtain walls

As a metal composite panel factory, share with you.


Whether it is installing aluminum-plastic panels or other tasks, each link should be strictly controlled according to specific requirements, and industry standard requirements should be strictly followed, so as to avoid omission or ignorance of certain details in the later stage and the overall impact on the later stage. And increase maintenance work later. Continuous improvement is not only a responsible attitude towards work, but also a strict requirement for oneself. When installing aluminum veneer curtain walls, you need to pay special attention to details and pay attention to safety. The aluminum veneer manufacturer shared some unwelcome knowledge during the installation of the aluminum veneer curtain wall. I hope everyone has to help.


First of all, when installing aluminum veneer curtain walls, the performance of aluminum veneer curtain walls should be strictly required. The color, pattern and texture direction of the aluminum veneer curtain wall should be carefully selected; the corresponding product category should be purchased according to the demand. Some projects have relatively high design requirements, so you need to communicate with the aluminum veneer manufacturer in advance and communicate with the design team to make necessary coordination and adjustments to ensure that the design effect is achieved after installation.


Secondly, the choice of aluminum veneer curtain wall keel also requires special attention. Qualified and regular products should be purchased from regular channels for use. At the same time, some anti-corrosion and anti-rust work should be carried out on the keel during the installation process to avoid certain reasons. These reasons will cause the keel to rust or corrode after a period of use, thereby affecting the keel. Normal use and decorative effect of aluminum veneer curtain wall.


Third, fixing is a very important step in the installation work, and it is also a very important step. It is not only related to decorative effects, but also related to safety. If there is a problem with fixing, it may cause the aluminum veneer curtain wall to fall, which poses a threat to personal safety and property safety. Therefore, rivets must be used during the installation process, and rubber can also be used.


The more delicate the installation work, the more serious and responsible the work, the more worthy of people's confidence.